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© 2017 Madhouse Studio S.L.

This website's content —its texts, images and download files (documents and photographs)— is the property of Madhouse Studio S.L.

Some designs and techniques used in this website have been inspired by the work of Mary Lou at Codrops.

Icons by IcoMoon.


The materials (texts, images, documents, photographs) contained in this website may be used, copied, modified and freely distributed, for personal or commercial use, with the following restrictions:

  • (a) The materials may not be sold, because they're free (as in gratis);
  • (b) You cannot claim ownership of the materials, even though there is no obligation to attribute its ownership —i.e., you don't have to credit that the materials are the property of Madhouse Studio, but you can't say that you're the owner or the creator of the materials.

Icons used in this website belong to the IcoMoon - Free pack from IcoMoon, and they're under a GPL / CC BY 4.0 license.

The techniques and designs from Codrops have a licence that allow their use and adaptation for personal and commercial projects.