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A house standing set
in Madrid, Spain



Mi casa es su casa

Set features

Other facilities

Studio features

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... to Madhouse Studio

Madhouse Studio is a standing set built inside a movie studio. It's located in Madrid, Spain.

The set recreates an urban dwelling with an European flavor. It features the atmospheric quality of a natural location and the complete flexibility of a movie set.

Position 1 floor plan

All rooms are multi-purpose and adaptable to the requirements of any audiovisual production. The set has been designed down to the last detail in order to facilitate work and cater for your project’s needs, as well as saving production costs.

Position 2 floor plan

We wish to return to the origins of filmmaking and bring you the versatility of working in a well thought-out movie set.

Set features

Mi casa es su casa

... and we're delighted to have you here

Madhouse Studio's set features seven main areas.

  • Lounge B3
  • Lounge B4
  • Lounge B5
  • Lounge B6
  • Lounge B7

A spacious lounge, dining room and kitchen that may be joined in an open-concept plan or kept as independent rooms.

  • Bedroom 1_11
  • Bedroom 1_12
  • Bedroom 6_13
  • Bedroom 6_14
  • Bedroom 6_15

A main bedroom with an adjoining dressing room and bathroom. The walls of the main bedroom can be moved to build a different layout and the dressing room partition may be removed.

  • Bathroom b11
  • Bathroom b12
  • Bathroom b13
  • Bathroom b14

The bathroom's ample size allows a filming crew to work comfortably. It features windows in three walls (one behind the mirror) to offer a wide range of camera angles.

  • Multipurpose 11
  • Multipurpose 13
  • Multipurpose 15
  • Multipurpose 17
  • Multipurpose 19

A supplementary all-purpose room with moving walls that may be dressed to become an office, a study, a waiting room or another bedroom, to cite a few examples.

  • Landing 13
  • Landing 14

The floor landing gives access to the house through the front door. The view through the window may be changed. We can choose to either see an opaque wall or a windowed wall that shows the multipurpose room. If necessary, it could even be the façade of another building.

  • Entrance hall 13.3
  • Entrance hall 14.3
  • Entrance hall 13

The entrance hall is a common feature in all the configurations. It connects the lounge, two hallways and the inner patio.

  • Long hallway 6
  • Long hallway 7
  • Long hallway 8

Two hallways of different length that may end in a corner, a door or a window.

Many of the walls can be moved to allow for a wide variety of camera angles. Windows and balconies are interchangeable so that you can get the desired ambiance for the room.

Studio features

Other facilities

The working space

Studio facilities include:

A wardrobe and makeup room.

Wardrobe and makeup room.

A production office.

Production office.

A V.I.P. dressing room with an independent bathroom.

V.I.P. dressing room

Agency and client lounge.

Agency lounge

There's a free wi-fi connection.

The studio’s electrical installation (150 kW) contemplates the connection of professional lighting equipment.

Built inside a movie studio, there’s total control over light conditions and the possibility of making shots that would be impracticable in a real location, such as a top-down shot.

Madhouse is located on a private street with ample parking space that can be reserved for production vehicles and lorries.

And there's more...

We have agreements with lighting and construction crews so that we can offer —in a discretionary manner— additional services related to an audiovisual production at a good price.

Optionally, if the production requires it, there are two empty studios adjacent to the Madhouse set that can be rented separately.

Studio 1

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 2


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Download anything you need

We have a photographic dossier, a configuration dossier and a collection of phototgraphs at your disposal.

Photographic dossier

The photographic dossier (black dossier) introduces Madhouse Studio and contains basic information about the studio and the set.

Download photographic dossier (PDF - 17 MB)  

Configuration dossier

The configuration dossier (white dossier) presents a complete account of the set's transformative possibilities with CAD generated images. A helpful tool for the art department.

Downoad configutration dossier (PDF - 11 MB)  

Image collection

This is a collection of stand alone images compressed into a single ZIP file. It includes the photographs contained in this website and a few more. You can freely use them in your own presentations and projects.

Download images (ZIP)  

We're here


Let's talk

We're at C/ Granja 54, located in Alcobendas' industrial park.

C/ de la Granja 54, 28108 Alcobendas
Madrid, España

Mail address:
Avenida de Europa 9, portal 5, 1ºA
28226 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Madrid, España


  910 521 223

Foncho Rodríguez
     600 494 390

Eva Lorenzana
     649 917 047